Fast track your financial goals with Light-Speed

Our 10 year fast-tracked plans mean it’s never too late to start your Journey.

Light-Speed is a fast-track strategy for those willing to put in the hard yards

Your financial future may look uncertain, through divorce, migration or just through lost time. But that doesn’t mean a life free from financial worry is out of your grasp. For those willing to put in the effort Raeburn can assist in you achieving your financial goals.

How we help

A plan for your financial future

We help devise a plan for the next 10yrs that can assist in generating significant wealth.

Help you to enjoy the view

We have helped close more SMSFs than we have opened and the reason is literally simple. Simplifying management lets you spend your time enjoying retirement rather than completing paperwork for your account.


We help you budget to control expenses and work out how to maximise your growth over the 10 year plan.

Check-in on progress

We check in regularly to ensure you are still on track to your financial goals. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

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We have times to suit your needs and we can meet face-to-face or you can book a virtual meeting.

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