Simplify your SMSF with Mission Control

Unbundling your SMSF and Helping you to invest the spare capital to maximise benefit but minimise effort.

Retirement is for enjoyment, not SMSF paperwork.

Simplifying or closing your self managed superfund (SMSF) can not only give you more time back in retirement but also leave you in control of your wealth.

At Raeburn, we are experts at making the complex simple.

How we help

Release the admin pressure

We help unbundle the complexities of SMSF’s and we can assist in establishing accounts that help you keep in control but without the administrative burden.

Help you to enjoy the view

Simplifying management lets you spend your time enjoying retirement rather than completing paperwork, tax returns and audits.

Reduce the burden on your family

Running a SMSF gives you control but what happens if you were no longer around to manage it? We are here to assist to ensure that your family or partner is not left with the obligation of running a fund that they have little ability or interest to manage.

Stay in control of your wealth

You still have control of your investments but we assist in the administration and help simplify your accounts to put you back in control, not paperwork controlling you.

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