How we work with you

We are a group of experienced individual financial planners. We are focused on your long-term financial success, but also know that you still need to enjoy your money today!

We’re here to help you.

No matter which stage of life you are at, setting a plan for and managing your personal wealth can be daunting. At Raeburn our only goal is for you to achieve your financial goals and we are committed to providing honest, simple and transparent advice with a level of flexibility unmatched by other advisors.

What we do
We keep things plain and simple. Your financial well being shouldn’t be rocket science.

What we don’t do
We don’t have defaults – all advice is personalised around you and your financial goals.

Meet at our office
We are flexible with both our hours and where we meet. If you prefer to meet at our office, we are located on Brisbane’s bayside. Get our address

Meet a your home
We know that in the modern world we a re all time-poor. Our advisors can help by meeting at your own home

If you are concerned about your health or are just more comfortable with meeting virtually, Our advisors can organise a video conference to discuss your needs.

At Raeburn advisors, we don’t set you on a path and forget about you. We are available to discuss your plan and your progress.

What will it cost?

At Raeburn Advisors, we are tired of seeing business interests come ahead of the client’s interests. We want to be transparent and build a long-term relationship that has your financial goals always in focus.

We are flexible with our payment options to ensure that you get the best outcome. We work predominantly on a fee for service basis.

Visit our blog for tips on what to do prior to meeting your advisor and for a list of recommended reading

Initial consultation

We’ll cover the cost of the initial meeting to determine how and whether we can provide value. If we cannot provide value to equal or greater than the cost to you, we will let you know.

Initial plan fee

Initial plan fee is between $1,500 to $5,500 depending on complexity. With this you will get a strategy paper forecasting to show how you how much better off you will be with our advice. There’s no obligation to continue at this point.

Implementation fee

Ranges from $1,100 to $13,200 depending on complexity.

Ongoing advice fee

Ranges from $1,320 to $9,900 depending on value added and complexity.

Talk to an Advisor today.

We have times to suit your needs and we can meet face-to-face or you can book a virtual meeting.

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